So I found this site with amazing stuff, like Pintrest. But here, they have Decals for the Macbook. Stickers basically. Here’s a collection of what I want: a Miyazaki Macbook.

Kodama’s <— Click Here
I would only use the Kodama to the right. The rest of it looks out of place

Sootballs <— Click here
I would probably request to make them smaller. They look too cluttered so hopefully I can find better one’s than this. This would be on the bottem left

Totoro <— Click Here
I would make him the center piece of-course. Although, he is supposed to be a shinigami, he’s still adorable, gentle & Kind

Catbus <— Click Here
I would put him to the left of the screen, above the sootballs. I’ll request to have it backwards but yeah, thats about it. My Miyazaki macbook ^_^

Mocking Jay <—Click Here
I would put this on the inside of the cpu, next to the mouse pad. This is one of my favorite series, and I absolutely adore the story line.

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